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Programmatic Ad Testing

Creative Direction & Design

These ads sets represent different design concepts my team designed and produced for A/B testing initiatives.


The experiment was see what performed better with our customer between different design concepts verses our traditional standard of 3 rotating image display ads.

Digital Campaign Ad Sets


For this set I wanted to combine editorial images with product laydowns. I wanted the animation to be different from the standard left to right carousel.

Category Ad Sets


Here I wanted to push the animation a little further. Having a vertical rapid fire product feed or cycle through a "diffused" panel. I also tested different copy directions from brand callouts to geo-targeted messaging. 


Mixing editorial shots and sell shots was also in play here as well as strictly using product laydown images.

Nordstrom Private Brands


Zella is a Nordstrom private brand and here I wanted to test having a Zella branded ad vs a Nordstrom branded ad which is the standard. This project is still in development.

Large Category Banners


Our goal here was to put more product in the feed and have a more dynamic animation. These two layouts out performed our standard 3 image rotation ads by a significant margin. 

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